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Retrato de mujer joven

Gabriela Ortiz


I had use colored contacts since Junior high, now I work as a paralegal for a law firm in México City, I had never use the contact lenses at work because I felt insecure and I would have been very embarrassed if someone pointed out that I wear cosmetic contact lenses.

I chose to try the Elite for a week all day, although I hesitate a bit at first, I decided to do it as a personal challenge.

Super comfortable, do not dry my eyes  but the best is the  naturalness, and beautiful colors  no one have noticed or looked at me weird as they did while wearing my old colored contacts.  I have received many compliments since, my boss told me that he had never noticed that I have pretty grey eyes 

Elite gave me one of the pairs I received when I registered, so now I feel confident to use Elite contacts  anywhere,  anytime , no matter if it is at court or when I go out on a date with my boyfriend because I know nobody can tell that I am a colored contact lenses wearer.

Mujer segura

Carolina Ruiz

Bar and Grill Hostess 

Thanks for choosing me to try out  your contact lenses, I work as a hostess and I am the first image of the restaurant, my job demands to be very neat and look impeccable.
The first week of testing many people praise my eyes, all the time they told me that my big eyes look sweet and  beautiful , a lot of guys told me that my eyes are lovely.

At first I told some people that I  have a confession to make,  that the truth was that I was wearing a new brand of colored contact lenses, but they didn’t believe me, they laughed and told me that everybody can tell when someone is wearing color contacts because the lenses can be  seen at long distance and that when you get  closely they look like zombie eyes and sometimes snake eyes.

I had a lot of fun participating in Elite testings, so since  they gave me a pair as a  gift, now I use them daily and I am not telling out  you my secret anymore. I love Elite Lenses!. 

They are like Magical, changing your iris color in the most natural enhancer way for brown eyes.

Hombre de negocios casual

Ricardo Leyva

Flight Attendant

My best friend enrolled me for a color contact lenses testing of a new brand.

I am flight attendant so the problem using any contact lens on the plane is dryness and redness of your eyes the whole flight, and sometimes it least all day long.

 So I had some doubts at first, but after watching some teens that were already testing them in their eyes I couldn’t resist. I found it sort of interesting, change my mind and I badly wanted to be part of it.


Regarding ELITE LENSES comfort I found them very comfortable, they don’t redden or dry my eyes during flights.

To my surprise, I have been told that now I seem more attractive to my co-workers and people in general.

I am in love with these contact lenses firstable because nobady can tell I am wearing them, love the colors, the confort and the Natural looking.

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