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Contact Lenses are Medical Devices,

Government requires device manufacturers to be properly Registered and Certified to get Sanitary operation licence if they intend to introduce a Medical Device into commercial distribution to determine if its safety or effectiveness . They evaluate the design, material, chemical composition, energy source, manufacturing process, and intended use.

Elite Lenses are Properly Certified and Registered,our contact lenses are sterile and safe to use.

Our Trademark have been Registered, all patterns of our contact lenses Patented and Registered Worldwide on behalf of our company under the International Legislation.

By International NOM regulations, Elite Lenses packaging is shown the information and technical specifications required by North America and Europe Governments and entities that participated in the manufacture and distribution of Elite Lenses Medical Device.

For more information such as Certificacions CE, ISO, FDA etc, Kindly contact Elite Lenses Legal Department. email:

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